NCAA Takes, TooAthletic Takes

The Auburn Tigers didn’t survive their trip to The Swamp, losing to the Florida Gators 23-17 in one of the best football games of this past weekend. While falling five spots in the coaches’ poll and landing outside the Top-10, the team’s path to the SEC Title and a College Football Playoff berth was likely not affected too much by their performance Saturday in Gainesville.  In fact, their postseason road looks very much the same this week as it did last week, it looks like a road through SEC Hell, with a playoff berth awaiting them on the other side if they can travel it flawlessly.

The SEC East standings see LSU and Alabama sitting undefeated in the conference, while Auburn is 2-1 in conference, and games still to come against both the Bayou Bengals and the Crimson Tide.  As a result, winning their half of the SEC is still in the control of the Auburn Tigers; however, the road is not that easier, and also contains another major roadblock.

With a Tigers vs. Tigers match up scheduled for the last week of this month at LSU, and the season-ending Iron Bowl at the end of November against Alabama, Auburn also has a game upcoming with the Georgia Bulldogs the middle of next month.  While it schedule is comparable to running through Hell in a gasoline suit, it also will give the Auburn Tigers the chance to compile the best resume of any college team in the country, while also putting them in the SEC title game if they can run the table between now and the first week in December. Their reward, a College Football Playoff berth.

There is likely not going to be another team in the nation to face three team ranked in the Top Ten this season like the Auburn Tigers are currently slated to do; which simply means that destiny in still in their hands this season, all they need to do is go undefeated against the toughest schedule in the toughest conference college football has seen in years.  With their game against LSU being their last road game of the year, if they can make it to November still alive in the SEC East, don’t be surprised if by the end of the month, we see the Auburn Tigers playing for the conference title and a place in the College Football playoffs.  The longest journey begins with a single step, and for Auburn, that means proving they are the best Tigers in the SEC jungle on October 26th.


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