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One of the most accomplished boxers has another chance to put some extra frosting on the cake which is his professional boxing career. At the age a 40 Manny Pacquiao is doing what he does best, compete against the biggest challenge.

The latest challenge for Pacquiao comes in Florida native Keith “One Time” Thurman. The undefeated Thurman poses a threat to Pacquiao as well as any future fighters. Keith Thurman is a very good boxer who knows how to use the entire ring throughout the fight. However, Manny Pacquiao has experience to fall back on and has been in the ring with some of the all-time greats of boxing.

The narrative in boxing is that the young champion usually beats the old champion. That’s what sports experts constantly tell us, and yet the feeling is that Manny still has a lot left in the tank to pull off another win. If Pacquiao can win it would be one of the best and arguably most surprising of his career.

To be able to take out a young lion in the twilight of your career might satisfy Manny Pacquiao’s addiction for another fight, and put a nice exclamation on an amazing career. My personal opinion is that sadly it won’t happen since father time remains undefeated, but that is why we tune in!

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