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Bill Belichick is known for throwing around compliments about as much as he is for his sidesplitting sense of humor; so when the Genius of Foxborough says something nice about a player, especially one from another team, people take notice. Ahead of this week’s game with the New York Giants, the head coach of the New England Patriots had some choice, and very kind words to say about Daniel Jones, the quarterback he will be facing on Thursday night.

When asked about Daniel Jones, Bill Belichick said this about the sixth overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft out of Duke University: “He’s an impressive player and a very impressive person.  Playing quarterback in New York is not the easiest thing in the world, but he’s got a lot of maturity and a good head on his shoulders, has good perspective on football and overall leadership and the position that comes with that role on and off the field. I’m sure he’s done well and will continue to do well.”

The Giants’ Week Six opponent wasn’t the only team speaking about Daniel Jones positively this week, Everson Griffen of the Minnesota Vikings, who beat Jones and the Giants 28-10 on Sunday, started his postgame press conference with a monologue about the quarterback.  “I want to give a shout out to the rook (Daniel Jones). He’s doing really good. He’s shown courage. He’s a good player, so I see good things happening for him in the future.”

Earning respect from your own coaches and teammates is something that every athlete hopes to achieve; but when you begin to earn the respect of players on the other teams you play, especially so soon after cracking the starting lineup, it says a lot.  Daniel Jones was booed on draft night by fans of his own team who were hoping for someone else to be taken with the team’s first pick of the night; Jones was even booed later in the spring while attending a New York Yankees game.  Now, less than six months later, those Bronx Cheers are turning into real one, and it is not only his own head coach Pat Shurmur talking about Jones, but Bill Belichick, who barely has anything nice to say about Tom Brady.

How Daniel Jones works out as a quarterback remains to be seen; however, so far, as a person, he is already building a Hall of Fame resume that the New York Giants can bank on going forward.


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