Bill Belichick Hall Of Fame

Bill Belichick Has A Problem With The Hall Of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has narrowed down their list of candidates for induction to two dozen. Yet, one current NFL coach says he doesn’t know how to support their induction into Canton, Ohio because of a flaw in the way the Hall of Fame works. That coach is Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, and his problem with how things are done around voting time is accurate. 

When asked about having two of his former players, defensive standouts Richard Seymour and Vince Wilfork on the list of Hall of Fame semifinalists last week, Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick was perplexed. Belichick explained his feelings by saying:

“The Hall of Fame’s out of my control, and since there’s no criteria for the Hall of Fame, it’s really hard to even have a conversation about it because it’s not based on anything.”

Belichick added:

“It’s your opinion on a great player, my opinion on a great player, somebody else’s opinion on a great player. I don’t know what that means. When there’s no criteria, you can make a case for everybody.”

The only criteria on if a football player has been worthy of enshrinement into the Hall of Fame has been the eye test and answering the question, “Was that player a Hall of Famer?” Beyond that, as coach Belichick correctly pointed out, there has never been a measuring stick to determine how or what makes a Hall of Fame football player.

Like in baseball, offensive stats are often used in football to judge the caliber quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers were since their success is tangible and measurable. However, how do you judge the talents of the left tackle or right guard?

Without saying it, Bill Belichick is telling you that football is the ultimate team game. A defensive lineman may not get a sack without good pass coverage by those behind him. Just as a quarterback may not hook up with his wide receiver on a deep post without good blocking up front. Yet, when it comes to the Hall of Fame, a player’s personal successes are what matters; but without reliable sources of information, judging who is and isn’t worthy of a Gold Jacket and Bronze Bust in the Hall of Fame is as subjective as anything in all sports.

Sadly for Belichick and the rest of the NFL, there is no answer to the problem pointed out by the head coach. There is way too much room for personal biases and judgement in any eye test used by those in the media, and without stats that can be used to rate, rank, and compare defensive players from the same era, how does Belichick know if Richard Seymour or Vince Wilfork were any better than the dozens of others who played their position during their time in the league. When you also add in the fact that offensive stats have skyrocketed in recent years with the rule changes put in place in the name of safety, then how does a wide receiver already in the Hall of Fame compare to those from today’s game; and does there success under different rules make their accomplishments Hall of Fame worthy?

Perhaps one day we will be able to measure how each player does on every single play and by the end of their career know if they are Hall of Fame material. Yet, until that happens, the issue that Bill Belichick has with how the Hall of Fame handles his voting process is valid and should be addressed. 


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