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The Houston Texans were still able to acquire a left tackle even after trading Jadeveon Clowney to the Seattle Seahawks Saturday when the picked up Laremey Tunsil as well as wide receiver Kenny Stills from the Miami Dolphins.  The price to protect the blind side of quarterback Deshaun Watson was high, reported to be at least two first-round draft picks and a second.  With the addition of Stills as a target for Watson to throw to, the trade does make the Houston Texans contender to win the AFC South again.

This move signals that the Houston Texans are all in for the 2019 season; even after trading the disgruntled Jadeveon Clowney on Saturday.  Head coach Bill O’Brien is likely coaching for his job and quarterback Deshaun Watson needs to prove he is the quarterback of the future for this head coach or the next one.

With the retirement of Andrew Luck from the Indianapolis Colts, the AFC South championship opened up, with Jacksonville and Houston ready to take control of one of the weaker divisions in football.  While losing Clowney was a big hit, it was unavoidable since the former first-round pick no longer wanted to play for the Texans.  Now, with Tunsil at offensive left tackle and Kenny Stills running pass routes, the offense might have a chance to play complimentary football and even win a few games for Houston fans.

The price was very steep to get Tunsil, who has come a long way since his draft stock dropped in 2016 after a video of him smoking something while wearing a gas mask came out.  But the addition of Kenny Stills means the Texans are in win-now mood.  Perhaps this trade is also the bi-product if trading Clowney, so for that, Texans fans should thank their former defensive lineman.  Now, the team need to see Bill O’Brien do something special with this newly acquired talent, like win some games in January; something he has struggled to do during his time in Houston.

Your move Coach O’Brien, time to work your magic or start looking for a new job!


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