NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

Until Patrick Mahomes came along, I thought Aaron Rodgers was the most gifted QB I had ever seen. While Aaron is still great, he seems to have slowed down just a half a step, but the Packers seem to be better than they have been in quite a while. They just aren’t as dependent on Rodgers. Sunday’s win over the Cowboys was a case in point. 

The scoreboard showed the Packers won 34-24, but that’s somewhat misleading. Packers RB, Aaron Jones, had a career day, running for 107 yards and scoring four TDs. He also caught seven passes for 75 yards. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers threw no TD passes. This is the first in Packers history Rodgers wasn’t the most spectacular Aaron on the field. No, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t bad, he just quarterbacked a smart, under control game. 

The Packers gave up 24 points, but that’s deceptive. They picked off three passes and recorded three sacks. The Cowboys 24 points came after the Packers had a comfortable lead. The Packers have a new formula, a good ground game, an improved defense and a still great, though slightly subdued Aaron Rodgers. It looks like a winner to me.


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