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I seem to have made a mistake by believing that the vast majority of NBA free agency was over before it truly began on June 30; because day after day we are finding out more information about players, and why they chose their new teams. Kemba Walker was low-balled by Charlotte, Kevin Durant wasn’t talking to anyone in Golden State … can we please stop with all these meaningless stories, nobody cares; these players have new teams, take your summer vacation already.

I know everyone that covers the NBA is annoyed because other than Kawhi Leonard, NBA free agency was boring this summer.  If it wasn’t for Leonard waiting for the Clippers to trade for Paul George before agreeing to play in Los Angeles, no one would have had anything meaningful to write about regarding NBA free agency.  In fact, the trades of George and his fellow, former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook was more interesting than Kevin Durant leaving to play with the Brooklyn Nets.  Sure a lot of players changed teams, but, as always, the NBA Insiders got almost everything wrong; which is why almost everyone was so surprised on June 30th when so many players moved so quickly.

Fans don’t want to hear now about how Kevin Durant was so focused during the season that he stopped talking to his Golden State Warriors teammates or how his dispute with Draymond Green forced him into a shell.  Clearly fans would have liked it if Durant was silentPh on the court during the NBA Finals and leading their team to another championship before bolting town; but now that Durant is gone, who cares what happened while he was still there.  Feels like to me that reporters are just writing the stories in July and August they couldn’t get in January, February or March so they don’t lose their NBA Insider Membership cards.

No one in sports media gets thing wrong more often than those people who follow the NBA; they report every rumor and tell us that anything and everything is possible over the course of a season and then at the end can take credit for telling us something that happened.  But if you place a two-dollar bet on every horse to win a race, you didn’t pick the winner, you just picked everything that could happen to happen.  That’s what NBA Insiders do, and that’s why when the new season starts this October, I won’t read anything any of these media members write or say, because all they can clearly do is tell us what they have seen, not what they can find out.

To paraphrase a saying: Knowledge is knowing what has happened; wisdom is knowing what will happen; when it comes to the NBA, the media only has knowledge, not wisdom.


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