Antonio Brown And Juju Smith-Schuster Take Part In Twitter War

Well, well, well.  Pittsburgh just cannot stay out of the headlines and out of the drama.  If the Steelers were in the Super Bowl as much as they were in the headlines we would be more tired of them than we are the Patriots. 

So, Antonio Brown took to Twitter today to throw shade at JuJu about fumbling away the Steelers chance at the playoffs.  Why?  Because Juju won the team MVP award for this past season.

I guess someone is a little upset that he isn’t in the spotlight for a moment.  Now, Brown isn’t wrong.  JuJu did fumble that ball in a clutch situation and then the Steelers did indeed miss the playoffs, but I don’t think you go to Twitter and just call the man out that has done nothing but support you through this roller coaster of an offseason.

Do we know the full story?  Maybe not.  Does this just make it look like AB is jealous of JuJu getting the spotlight? 


I think this comes from Antonio Brown’s disdain for Pittsburgh and how they handled this trade situation, more than it does Juju personally, but unfortunately AB decided to handle it by calling him out. 

Juju is handling it well as of now and would benefit from continuing to play the victim here.  All he needs to do is go out and ball and get Pittsburgh to the playoffs, because guess who won’t be there, AB and his new team.  Juju has the potential now to be the face and to get paid more than AB ever did in Pittsburgh and it would be the ultimate clap back.

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