TooAthletic Takes

Dominic Breazeale’s weekend diet consisted of his own words and Deontay Wilder’s fists.  After saying that Wilder was “a little chihuahua barking at a fence,” Breazeale was obliterated in the first round by the man that publicly hoped to murder him in the ring.  Even though Breazeale survived his dance with the Wild man, this fight shouldn’t have even been scheduled.  But the man Wilder should have fought might be too afraid to touch gloves with him now.

 Boxing is notorious for scheduling cupcake fights for prize fighters instead of taking the big matchups.  Fighters book easy matchups to avoid damaging notoriously short careers, to potentially build hype, or to duck a fighter in their prime.  Mike Tyson avoided Evander Holyfield (from prison), Floyd Mayweather ducked Manny Pacquiao for years, even Rocky Balboa avoided fighting Clubber Lang for about the first 20 minutes of Rocky III. 

Now, the fight everyone is hoping for, Deontay Wilder vs. Anthony Joshua, remains unscheduled.  Sure the fight might happen eventually, but the mega-fight’s delay is hurting a sport that’s starving for fans.  No one wants to see a rematch between two past-their-prime geezers with arthritis like Mayweather and Pacquiao.  If Wilder vs. Joshua doesn’t happen until the twilight of their respective careers, boxing will miss out one potentially one of the greatest rivalries of this generation.  In the meantime, we’re forced to check the pulses of Wilder’s and Joshua’s opponents.  Hopefully boxing will still have a pulse by the time these two meet in the ring.


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