The Anthony Davis rumors are flying around.  Every sports website, every social media platform, and every sports radio show is talking about where Anthony Davis will be playing next year.  Who has the best chance of landing him?  Is it the LA Lakers?  Is it the Boston Celtics?  Is there a third team out there who has the chance of swooping in and stealing him out from under both of them? 

I think it’s safe to say that the Lakers and Celtics are the leading contenders up to this point, and I would be shocked if he doesn’t end up at one or the other once free agency actually begins in a couple of weeks.  Which team has more to offer?  On one hand, the Lakers have the No. 4 pick, but on the other hand the Celtics have better players to offer.  Let’s take a deeper look into who is in the better position to trade for AD. 

The Lakers have the most important piece on either side with Kyle Kuzma.  He is the guy that the Lakers are currently not willing to give up and may be the reason the trade doesn’t go through because of the Lakers’ unwillingness to move him.  He is a bit weak on the defensive side of the ball, but he’s real good on offense that his lack of defense can be overlooked. 

In close second place would be the Celtics biggest piece, Jayson Tatum.  He didn’t have the best year 2, but he is certainly oozing with potential and has the highest ceiling of anyone that is available in this trade.  The next biggest piece of the trade would either be Brandon Ingram or Lonzo Ball.  I would have to give the slight edge to Brandon Ingram, even with the major injury he is still a capable all-star talent if he makes it back on the court injury free.  Lonzo is in a similiar situation with his injury, but doesn’t have as a high of a celiing as Ingram.  Lonzo is a starting point guard in the NBA, but that’s about as high as he will get.  Possibly an all-star at some point with an amazing passing ability and good defensive instincts, but a liability on the offensive production. 

The only other important piece for the Celtics that would be on this level would probably be Jaylen Brown but he had a very subpar season and while he is still very talented, he doesn’t have the stock that he had before this season began.  The No. 4 pick from the Lakers would probably fall just under Brown with the lack of game changing talent outside of the top 3 of this year’s draft. 

So, as we look at both sides it looks like the Lakers are in the better situation to land Anthony Davis.  It will be interesting to see if the Lakers can get out of giving up Kyle Kuzma and get away with AD for Lonzo, BI, and the pick. 


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