It is always fun to watch out of work managers provide color commentary for television because you know the next week stories will come out about how hat former manager wants a job with one or both teams who game he worked.  This dynamic is unfolding in New York this week after many stories are being written about how Joe Girardi wants to manage the Mets; however, as we talked about before, the team in Queens only shops at discounts stores, and Girardi’s price won’t be something he Blue and Orange would ever consider paying.

“They have a lot of pieces,” Girardi said during Saturday night’s Fox broadcast. “But it’s getting consistency from everyone. If they figure out how to be consistent, they’ve got a shot,” adding a shot across the bow of current New York Mets’ manager Mickey Callaway, who’s job has been hanging the balance all season.


It is always easy for fans of one team in a two-team market to covet what the other team has.  In the case of New York Mets fans, we watched Joe Girardi average 92-wins a season over his decade tenure in The Bronx.  While some detractors of Girardi will say he should have won more World Series with The Bombers during his time in the dugout; others will just call him “Joe Binder,” a manager who almost always using the numbers to make a decision, rather than feelings.  Now, that trait is important in today’s baseball, since we know managers only need good penmanship to fill out the lineup card, most franchises have a stat geek tell him who is playing that day.

The reason why the Mets would never hire Joe Girardi is simple, $MONEY$!  No one is paying a manager $4 Million a year to be a robot in the dugout; especially the team in Queens, who most people agree are not replacing a manager yet this year because they don’t want the extra expense of paying two managers at once. 

So, as a public service to the New York Media and New York Mets fans, don’t hold your breath on seeing Joe Girardi wearing a Blue and Orange uniform; his price is not something the team will pay EVER!


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