Sports agent Rich Paul is now on the record saying that if the Boston Celtics want to trade for Anthony Davis, currently with the New Orleans Pelicans, that his client will only be a one-year rental before his client goes to free agency in 2020.  The next move for Celtics’ general manager Danny Ainge is to put a 30 block on his phone of all calls coming from the Bayou.

I hate to break this to Rich Paul and his client Anthony Davis; however, it needs to be done: Mr. Davis has not done enough during his time in the NBA to dictate terms to his current team or any other team that might want to trade for him.  On one hand, you have requested a trade out of New Orleans; but on the other hands, you want to control where you want to go, and think sitting in the corner throwing a temper tantrum when the team you want to be traded to is no longer an option is going to help you.  Additionally, with Rich Paul now upset that his original trade demand was made public back in February, he now clearly understands how much his client’s leverage is shattered now, still believing that he will be able to control where Anthony Davis is traded is foolish and borderline crazy.

I am all for players making the most money that they can; I am already on record as saying that the draft system is unfair for players but makes the most sense for sports leagues who are trying to maintain a competitive balance between as many teams as possible.  With that said, once a player signed a contract, something that Rich Paul says his client will honor if and when he is traded for the 2019-20 season, that contract should be adhered to in the same way you would want the team to honor it.

In the NBA, it is not fashionable for players to treat the last year of their contract (or in the case of Anthony Davis, the last two years) as a time to start shopping around other teams, calling their friends and seeing where they can play.  In many cases, they want the time with their new team to start right away and not when they are free agents, which is why what Rich Paul and Anthony Davis did is wrong and they should not be rewarded for their lack of self-awareness and acute attack of self-importance.


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