Phillies and Mets.  Eagles and Cowboys.  Flyers and Penguins.  Sixers and… the Brooklyn Nets?

It seems that the next great Philadelphia sports team rivalry will be cemented between the Brooklyn Nets and 76ers are the fireworks that took place during the game four of the opening round of the NBA playoffs. 

This is great for Philadelphia, who is a team that thrives on a rivalry such as this one.  Joel Embiid, the Sixers star center, even said as much in the days following Saturday’s blow up.  With the 76ers up three games to one on the Nets now it seems like the tipping point for Philadelphia moving on to the second round is holding that chip on their shoulder and proving that the Brooklyn Nets are completely unworthy of the playoff appearance they find themselves in. 

I also want to take a minute to discuss the game four fight that will more than likely lead to more fireworks tonight.  It took place when Embiid went up to block a shot off the Nets Jarrett Allen.  It was a vicious block, but completely clean.  This provoked esteemed veteran NBAer who no one has ever heard of before this series, Jared Dudley, to sprint from beyond the three-point line to give Embiid a shove.  That shove provoked the Sixers Jimmy Butler into giving Dudley a shove of his own, but the shove pushed Dudley into Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons and escalated the situation even more.

Now, I don’t believe ejections were warranted for anyone on this play, but if one was going to be handed on it would be on Dudley for running 15 yards and giving Embiid the kind of shove only seen on a middle school playground.  Dudley is a fucking nobody who took pride in getting Butler ejected.

Game five should definitely be on your watch schedule this week as the Sixers look to put away the Nets once and for all in 2019.


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