Earlier this morning the Chiefs made a deal for Frank Clark by trading their first round pick and swapping their third round picks with Seattle.  The Chiefs and Bengals have been competing for worst defense in the NFL for a season or two now and this is certainly a step in the right direction for Andy Reid and his defense, which was historically bad this past season. 

So, now Clark has signed a $105 million contract instead of having to settle for the franchise tag that was offered to him for a little over $17 million.  That’s a big pay raise and a well deserved one considering Clark led the Seahawks last season with 14 sacks. 

Before adding Clark, the Chiefs fired almost all of their defensive staff and reportedly planned to switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3.  If this team can get this defensive situation figured out and avoid a sophomore slump for the reigning MVP of the league, they are going to be one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL for years to come.  They have now added five new pieces to their defense with Clark and Tyrann Mathieu being the most notable additions. 

Watch out for this Kansas City team next year.  It may finally be time for Andy Reid to get that ever so elusive Lombardi trophy.


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