Things are not going well for the New York Yankees.  New York has an injury list a mile long and it just got a little longer with Aaron Judge being added over the weekend. 

Currently, there is no time table for Judge to make his return and this in itself is worrying for a Yankees ball club that until now was just barely keeping its’ head above water in an extremely tough American League East division. 

At this point in the early season the Yankees are in second place in the standings with an 11 – 10 record.  That can easily sink the Yankees down to fourth place if the injuries continue or members of the club are unable to get healthy and make it back to the lineup in time for a playoff push. 

Tampa Bay currently sits in first place which surprised everyone expect those in Tampa Bay watching their team make one hell of an opening start.  If the Rays can keep that momentum going and the Red Sox and Yankees find themselves fighting over last place than it will be easy for the Rays to grab the division title and also allow the Toronto Blue Jays into the wildcard spot. 

May will be due or die for this Yankees team without Judge.


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