Donovan McNabb came out the other day and had a take about Carson Wentz that Eagles fans, in typical Philly fashion, overreacted to and have since turned their back on the best QB the franchise has ever seen. 

When talking about Carson Wentz, he basically said that if he can’t get out of the second round of the playoffs in the next few years that the Eagles need to consider drafting another quarterback.  Now keep in mind here, we are talking about a quarterback that has now been in the league for three seasons and has ZERO playoff wins.  So, now fans and other players are furious for saying if he’s in year 6 or 7 and hasn’t made it out of the 2nd round that they should potentially look somewhere else. 

Sensitive much? 

The fact that this criticism has led to McNabb feeling the need to restate what he said and try and explain it further is absolutely ridiculous.  Nothing he said was out of line, in fact I agree with him 100%. 

Wentz is already on the borderline of being labeled injury prone.  Couple that with an inability to progress in the playoffs and what the hell would they be paying him for?  With the way Dallas has owned the NFC East as of late, Eagles fans should be on board with what #5 had to say. 

I guess they just enjoy handing division bragging rights to Dallas year after year. 


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