We have some great playoff matchups going on right now.  A lot of chippy games, a lot of gritty games and some upsets.  It’s what the NBA playoffs are all about.  The series to watch right now is the series we have talked up the most, OKC vs Portland.

What a game 3 it was Friday night. 

We had drama, we had chippiness, we had trash talk, we had it all.  Its exactly what Westbrook and OKC needed to get back in the series.  A rowdy home crowd that was packed to the limit. 

Westbrook was fired up and put Dame Lillard and the Blazers on notice.  He had the best shooting night of the entire season after going 4-6 from 3 and played to the level of intensity that only few can match when he gets in one of those moods. 

Dame Lillard had enough and went absolutely nuts in the 3rd quarter but Westbrook saved his best for last in the 4th quarter while Dame was held to only 1 point.  Paul George threw down a dunk as time expired which has since ruffled the feathers of the Portland fans and this series is now absolute madness. 

It is everything that we hope to see in April and if OKC manage to tie it up 2-2 on Sunday, it will be VERY fun to watch when the series heads back to Portland.  Stay tuned fans, and let’s hope this game goes to 7 because we can’t get enough of this.


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