Another firework series just finished up it’s 4th game and what a game it was.  Brooklyn and Philly has been a surprisingly fantastic series.  This one got a little more heated than either team wanted to see, but we as the fans loved it. 

After Embiid laid a nasty elbow on Allen in game 2 and then proceeded to laugh about it at the post game press conference with Ben Simmons, we knew to expect some fireworks. 

Jimmy Butler and Jared Dudley both were ejected and many other players got into a scuffle that was started by Dudley shoving Joel Embiid.  Outside of the fight, the game was fantastic and went right to the wire.  76ers came out with the win and now lead the series 3-1 but this series really has been a joy to watch even though it is essentially over. 

Philly now has a comfortable lead in the series and I don’t think anyone sees the Brooklyn Nets overcoming a 3-1 deficit.  Brooklyn has outperformed this series so far even though they are down 3-1, they have really had a chance in every game except 1.  That may be more of a knock on the 76ers for not performing to their potential with the much more talented team, but only time will tell if Brooklyn is ready to become a threat in the East. 

With their backs against the wall and the series on the line in the next matchup, it will be very fun to watch how the Nets play the next series. 

What’s that saying? 

There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose?  We will see that in game 5.  Tune in.


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