We’ve talked a lot about the Arizona Cardinals and what they will do in the draft next week.  Will they take Kyler Murray?  Will they trade down?  Will they go with one of the defensive studs? 

Obviously, we don’t have the answer, but the one thing that we haven’t talked about is what is in store for the 2nd year Josh Rosen. 

Rosen finally came out and said how he feels about the situation and how he felt about last season and how poorly it went and just to sum it up for you, he is annoyed and wants to know what’s going on with this future.  He also stated, that even though last season was about as bad as it could possibly be, that he had a blast. 

Will that matter when they are considering Murray?  Not in the slightest. 

If Murray is the guy, than he is the guy and how Rosen feels about it will not matter.  Remember, this is a business at the end of the day.  I mean, less than a year ago it looked like they were putting the franchise in Rosen’s hands and seemed to be pretty optimistic about their draft pick.  Fast forward a little less than a year later and now were talking about the possibility of him being traded? 

Cannot wait to see how this plays out and I’m sure that Rosen is even more ready to see what’s going on.  What does everyone think?  What is the best move for Arizona here?   


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