The 2019 season schedules for the National Football League are out and there is one notable factor with the schedule of the Philadelphia Eagles.

In weeks six, seven and eight the Eagles are away.  No other team in the NFL has three road games back to back to back like the Eagles due going into the middle of the regular season. 

The reason for this?  Bryce Harper.

When Bryce Harper signed with the Phillies this past spring training it meant change in Philadelphia.  I don’t think the Eagles thought it would mean changes to the scheduling of their very own games.  It is almost unheard of for NFL scheduling to take a backseat to any other sports broadcasting, but in Philly right now the city expects to be well into October playoff baseball. 

So much so that the Eagles schedule must reflect such playoff aspirations.  Hopefully, the Phillies make it deep in the playoffs to arrant such a change that could really take the wind out of the sails of an already questionable Eagles team.


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