It happened.  The Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins have been knocked out of the very first round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were shut out in this first round series by none other than the New York Islanders and anti-Penguins fans are electric.  The door has completely blown off its’ hinges after last night’s fourth and final victory for the Islanders seal their trip to the next round. 

The Penguins looked lost as the 3 – 1 final dashed all title hopes for one of the leagues consistently best team in 2019.  Next up for the Islanders is a second round matchup between the winner of the Washington Capitals and Carolina Hurricanes series.  Which right now looks to be going the Capitals way.

The Tampa Bay Lightning were also sent home packing for the season last night against the Columbus Blue Jackets in another first round series shut out.  The only difference here is that this is the first playoff series that the Blue Jackets have ever won.  Go ahead and read that line again and then let it sink in that the Blue Jackets were able to man handle and knock out the team with the best 2018 – 2019 regular season record.  The Blue Jackets will face off against either the Boston Bruins or the Toronto Maple Leafs in round two.


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