For those of you unaware or who listen to baseball games primarily on the radio: a bat flip is when one hitter crushes the everlasting shit out of a baseball to the point where it leaves the baseball field and then flips his bat in approval of his handy work.

This is an increasing habit among big league hitters around the MLB and now things are getting more celebratory with pitchers and even more lavish celebrations among hitters. 

Recent examples of this can be seen by the blow up between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds clubs this season.  It came when the Reds Derek Dietrich hit one hell of a home run but paused before running to first to take a mental picture of it. 

Yes, he literally made the fake hand camera motion and all before starting his homerun trot.

Chris Archer, the Pirates starting pitcher that just gave up the homerun, was not pleased.  Archer actually is the pitcher mentioned earlier that celebrated a strike out in the very beginnings of the season.  His celebratory gesture of choice?  He moon walked off the mount.  Yup.  That actually happened, and it is in fact pretty awesome.  What’s not awesome is the shit Archer then gives opposing hitters for bat flips and even fake camera hand gestures.

It cannot go both ways. 

What happened later in the game after Dietrich’s homerun was that Archer ended up throwing behind the Reds infielder.  Now, that’s better than pegging him with a fastball in the ribs, but still warrants a suspension.  Those suspensions where just handed out this week.  

Celebratory gestures like bat flips and even newer spouts of emotion are great for the game of baseball, but not if they can’t be agreed on and accepted by every player.


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