It’s that time of year again folks.  No, not Tax Day, but Jackie Robinson Day which is celebrated around Major League Baseball every year in mid-April and honors one of the game’s best in Jackie Robinson.

Not only is Robinson considered among the best in baseball, but he just so happened to break the color barrier in American professional sports when he was called up to the Brooklyn Dodgers on that faithful day in 1947 that would forever change the game of baseball. 

It’s a day where all 30 clubs present their players with everyday jerseys, but the only catch is every number sown in the back is number 42.  No last names.  No larger than the game egos.  Just a day to remember when the metaphorically walls of segregation came down and baseball turned into the show stopping sport many of us enjoy today.

Without Jackie Robinson breaking down the color barrier in professional sports many of the leagues and sports we enjoy today would be stocked with the best white dudes in the nation.  White guys are fine, myself being one, but only having teams of barely athletic white dudes was/is boring. 

Don’t think so? 

YouTube some 1940s basketball games and stay awake for the whole game, then you can @ me.


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