Tiger Woods will go down in golf history as one of the greatest players to ever walk the PGA greens and he made that known Sunday with his fifth Master’s Title victory, and what is his first major tournament championship in eleven years.

Woods donned his newly won green jacket after the victory yesterday of what might be one of the greatest comeback stories in sports history, and surely within the history of professional golf itself.  People were outright losing their damn minds during the final moments when Tiger Woods locked in his victory, and his place in sports history simultaneously.

I happened to be in the Cape May, New Jersey area on Sunday and was in a local Cape May bar grabbing lunch and taking in a few innings of the Phillies v. Marlins game when half the TVs were changed over to the Master’s Tournament and I witnessed men of all ages lose their shit over the Tiger Woods victory. 

A group of six mid-30s guys especially caught my eye.  Two of these dudes clearly had money down on Tiger and when ape-fucking-shit-crazy when he sunk his final putt while the remaining bros back slapped and called for a round of shots to celebrate.  You would have thought Tiger was picking up his first green jacket after a career of near misses with the way this group was acting.  

Don’t get me wrong, comeback stories are the heart of sports, but I bet all those dudes are dead to the world today.


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