Some rumors just dropped about Russell Wilson potentially wanting out of Seattle and the sports world is speculating on whether this is true.  Nobody really knows what Russell Wilson wants besides him and who he wants to know, but what we can talk about is why he would want out and why. 

How many times have you watched a Seahawks game and watched Russell Wilson hike the ball and then immediately proceed to run for his life?  I think at the least it’s 50% of the snaps he’s played in his career. 

They finally smartened up this year and got Russell Wilson someone who could protect his blindside and got some decent play out of their right guard.  This led to the team being ranked 18th in offensive line pass blocking efficiency and even though that’s ranked in the bottom half of the NFL it’s still light years better than the 29th ranking they had the year before. 

It only took you 7 years Seattle. 

With this extra protection, this past year Wilson threw 35 touchdowns on only 427 passes.  He also leads the NFL in bailing your team out on 3rd and long by a mile and has been the only consistent weapon for the Seahawks since the Legion of Boom fell apart.  Whether there is any truth to this rumor or not, Wilson is a top 5 quarterback in the NFL and it will be very interesting to see this play out.


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