It was reported Friday that Adam Thielen and the Vikings agreed on a 4-year deal worth $64 million.  Adam Thielen has been known as a bargain receiver since getting into the NFL and making his name known and now, he gets the payday he deserves. 

His agent also reported that even after only making a little north of $3 million last year that he would have no plans of holding out for a contract before this extension was agreed upon.  Thielen is easily a top 10 wide receiver in the NFL and should be paid like the best receiver on his team, because he is. 

Last year it became clear that he was the favorite target of quarterback Kirk Cousins as Thielen joined a exclusive company with Calvin Johnson as the only two players in NFL history to have 8 100-yard games consecutively.

Has Stefon Diggs done that?  Don’t get me wrong, Diggs is a phenomenal talent and Minnesota is very lucky to have both, but Adam Thielen has proved to be the more consistent target. 

According to PFF, the only wide receivers that graded higher than Thielen in 2018 are Deandre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Keenan Allen, and Odell Beckham Jr.  Guess who has the worst quarterback of all the names mentioned.  You guessed it, Adam Thielen.


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