It’s been reported and soon to be confirmed that the MLB All-Star Game will be hosted by the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park just seven years from now in July of 2026.  This is monumental, not just for the Phillies, but for the nation as America celebrates 250 years of existence.

There is no better place in the United States of America to hold the MLB All-Star game that year than in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Many of us weren’t alive for the bicentennial, but these things tend to be enormous celebrations through out the years and America’s 250th Birthday will be no different.  There will be parades, there will be parties, and there will be plenty of baseball. 

Baseball has always been a fall back to America.  Founded in the mid-19th century and molded into something vaguely resembling the game we all know and love today following the Civil War with professional teams sprouting up in the 1880s and 1890s with the Phillies being founded among them in 1883.

Baseball is in America’s blood and soul and as such should be a huge part of the celebration of our nations founding and continuance.  Some might say seven years in advance for an All-Star game announcement is a little much, but in a 250-year span that doesn’t seem like such a long time.

A formal announcement is in the works at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on Tuesday, April 16th at around 2pm.  Let the celebration preparations begin!


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