It was about 24 hours ago when Luke Walton and the LA Lakers decided to mutually part ways aka LeBron got Walton out of LA.  Right after the news I posted an article saying that Luke Walton would be better of with Sacramento anyways after seeing the report that the Kings were interested in bringing in Luke Walton if he is fired. 

Well, here we are, the Kings have agreed to terms with Luke Walton to become their new head coach.  Now while the Lakers wait to bring in whoever, General Manager LeBron, wants to their next head coach, Luke Walton is sitting in a better position than he was in LA. 

He has a fantastic point guard in Fox, who by the way, isn’t injury prone.  He has an elite shooter in Buddy Hield while the Lakers don’t have a single pure shooter on the roster.  A potential rising star in Marvin Bagley, as long as he stays healthy. 

Yes, the Kings just fired their coach after their best record in years, but the expectation will still be more realistic for Walton than they were in LA. 

The Kings have not made the playoffs since the 2005-06 season, but they are trending upwards with the ninth best scoring attack in the NBA.  Luke Walton is only 39 years young and only stayed unemployed for a little over 24 hours.  He’s obviously wanted and now he comes out of this with a new opportunity that looks more manageable than that dumpster organization in LA.


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