Jalen Mills finally found himself on the winning side of a 1 on 1 matchup.  That hasn’t happened much since he’s became a starting cornerback in the NFL. 

Come on Eagles fans, you know it’s true. 

Except this time, it wasn’t lined up against a receiver on a football field.  It was against Washington Wizards forward Devin Robinson outside of a club. 

Both players were arrested after the brawl but only Devin Robinson was hospitalized.  Robinson has also reportedly now missed out on a contract as the Wizards reported after the news that they will not extend a qualifying offer to Robinson. 

That’s 2 Ls in one day.  

Supposedly the fight started because Robinson was upset that Jalen Mills was in Washington D.C. when he doesn’t play for a D.C. team.  Apparently, it isn’t a requirement to mature as you get older and get into the NBA.  I guess the good news for Robinson here is, that Jalen Mills won’t be in D.C. for much longer but neither will Robinson.  


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