This past year we’ve seen a lot of offense in the NFL.  More than we are used to, except for that bore fest of a Super Bowl.  Franchises are understanding that bringing in these college guys who have different scheme and philosophies is paying off big time in the way of offense and excitement, something the NFL was desperately looking for. 

We have tight ends who are as fast and run routes as good as wide receivers.  Just about every relevant back in the NFL can catch the ball out of the backfield making them a headache for defensive coordinators. 

So how do you stop these offenses that seem to be able to score on any type of defense, regardless of who is on the other side of the ball? 

With this upcoming draft, that’s how. 

This draft is absolutely loaded with defensive talent maybe more than we have ever seen.  There are too many elite edge rushers to even count.  Interior defensive lineman that look like they are ready to take on double teams right out of the draft used to be a rare thing, and in this draft, they are going to be available all the way through to the later rounds. 

We have defensive backs who can play anywhere in the secondary, corners can play safety, safeties can play corner and they are just as good at either.

I’m a big fan of the change of pace in offense because I’m a bigger fan of the college game, but it will be interesting to see how this draft plays out with the incredible number of elite defenders.  It’s perfect timing for the lovers of the defensive side of the ball.


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