With all the talk on the defense of this upcoming NFL draft, specifically the pass rushers, we have a first rounder that is getting overlooked and nobody is talking about it. 

His name is Noah Fant, Tight End from Iowa.  6’4, 250 lbs and his 40 time is faster than DeAndre Hopkins.  

I’m not one to look to much into 40 time and think it’s a rather pointless metric but when you have a guy at Tight End that’s running faster 40s than some of the NFL best WRs, you have a potential monster mismatch in the making. 

Noah Fant is going to be too big for corners and too fast for linebackers and has the potential to be the next Gronkowski of this league.  He will be a big deal. 

Sure, he isn’t the best blocker but with the way the league is headed, (Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, etc.) you don’t have to be the best blocker to become one of the best Tight Ends in the NFL. 

How early will he go? 

Jaguars? Titans? Green Bay? Buffalo?

Here’s a scary one.  Patriots? 

Iowa is putting out two first round TE talents (HOW?).  A lot of people love Hockenson and he is a great talent, but Noah Fant is going to be the go-to weapon for whatever team selects him for years to come.  I know Hockenson lovers and what they will be saying. I’m wrong and I don’t know what I’m talking about.  We will see.


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