The fire keeps getting hotter in the dumpster fire that is The LA Lakers.  After going 98-148 as the head coach and not meeting the ridiculously high standards that came with LeBron James, the Lakers have decided to cut ties with Walton with two years left on his contract. 

This comes at a strange time with Magic Johnson just recently deciding to step down while supposedly having the go ahead to fire Walton.  News was starting to spread that Walton may have been in the clear and may get another shot next year with the LeBron experiment, but it looks like that will not be the case. 

Personally, I don’t like the decision for two reasons. 

One, after all the talk of the things that Magic didn’t do as the GM, I think it would have been fair to appoint Magic as the fall man for this season and give Walton one more chance to prove that he was not the problem. 

Two, who is the next option for the Lakers now that Walton is gone?  I don’t think this job is as much of a hot commodity as people think it is.  Big names aren’t exactly lining up with interest in the job and I think we can all see why. 

The roster has a lot of missing pieces, the front office is showing tons of dysfunction, and now you don’t have a GM.  Well you do, but he’s still a player on the roster and you also get to deal with that on top of everything else. 

Jason Kidd?  Ty Lue?  It will be interesting to see which names emerge now that the job is officially open, but I don’t think it’s going to be a better option than Luke Walton. 


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