Tom Brady Tweets

20 Best Tom Brady Tweets Of 2020

20 Best Tom Brady Tweets Of 2020 | Sports Takes & News |

Tom Brady has had a busy year in 2020; he left the Patriots, joined the Buccaneers, broken into a home, and tweeted on occasion. Most people were surprised at how great Tom Brady is with social media, yet I wasn’t, because he’s the GOAT. Anyway, here are the 20 best Tom Brady tweets of 2020. Enjoy…

20. Tom Brady Choosing The Best Player In Madden History…

19. The Return Of Gronk…

18. Tom Brady Reveals His New Uniform…

17. Brady Got Jokes…

16. Tom Brady Welcomes Eli Manning To Twitter

15. NFL’s 100 All-Time Greatest Players: Patriots Edition

14. Tom Brady Responds To Michael Strahan On His Birthday…

13. Tom Brady Walking Away Or Arriving?

12. Tom Brady Congratulates Drew Brees On Becoming The All-Time Touchdown Leader

11. Tom Brady Getting Ready For His Final Playoff Run With The Patriots

10. Tom Brady Taking Shots At Peyton Manning

9. Tom Brady Letting Everyone Know It’s Tompa Bay… Where Anything Goes…

8. Tom Brady’s Goodbye To Patriots Fans…

7. Tom Brady’s Goodbye To His Patriots Teammates…

6. Tom Brady Fools Everyone On Super Bowl Sunday…

5. Tom Brady Challenges Lamar Jackson…

4. Tom Brady Calls On Gronk…

3. Tom Brady Congratulates LeBron James…

2. Tom Brady Congratulates Eli Manning On Retirement…

1. Tom Brady Tribute To Kobe Bryant…


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20 Best Tom Brady Tweets Of 2020 |

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