The basketball world suffered a devastating injury to Kevin Durant that should have never happened.  Durant tried to play through his calf strain as the Warriors were facing a 3-1 deficit and potential elimination.  Kevin Durant should have never been on the court for this game, and now it is feared he has tore his achilles. 

Everyone woke up after the shock of the injury and now want to play the blame game. It’s human nature when something goes wrong to find the person or persons responsible for it, right?  We have to know whose fault it is so we can take out our anger on them.  Well, we are all to blame for this one.  If it is, in fact, a torn achilles and we miss Kevin Durant for a full year next year because he came back too early, this will be the worst thing to happen to basketball this decade, and we are all to blame for it. 

The team is at fault for the pressure put on him, the coaches are at fault for putting him into the game with no minute restriction, the doctors are most at fault for assuring the team that Durant could not further worsen the injury (I do not care what those doctors say, this is absolutely related and without their incompetence, Kevin Durant is walking without a boot today), and the sports media is at fault for constantly discussing Durant not risking it all and making him feed into the pressure. Also, the Golden State fans are at fault for begging him back, and basketball fans in general are at fault for treating Durant as if he is a robot and saying that he “must” come back and play for his team and for his legacy. 

These are humans and we forget that.  Demarcus Cousins said it best last night after the game, and us fans need to do better in realizing that these guys are humans just like you and me, just more talented.  So once again, we are all at fault for what we witnessed Monday night, and all of us should feel disgusted in our own right. 

As an Oklahoma City fan, I will be the first to admit that I have a sour taste in my mouth about Kevin Durant’s decision to leave, but I would NEVER want a player to get hurt and would never cheer for it to happen either.  Do yourself a favor if you are one of those assholes from toronto that did cheer, quit watching sports, it would be better without you. The NBA cannot afford to lose a player like Kevin Durant, and I assume we will be looking at more developing stories of how this happened.  


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