It seems like the drama is finally coming to a close with the New York Jets front office.  After being almost a month without a General Manager, they finally found their guy in Joe Douglas, former Vice President of player personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Joe Douglas and Adam Gase have been friends since they worked together in 2015 for the Chicago Bears, and Douglas has been the favorite to land the job since the start of the hiring process. 

This is a slam dunk for the New York Jets.  After having what looked to be the most dysfunctional front office in the NFL since the start of the offseason, they have now managed to pluck a guy from one of the best front offices in the NFL and will look to bring more to join Douglas’ staff. 

Jeffrey Lurie has been preparing for Douglas to receive this position since they brought him on in 2017 right before their Super Bowl run.  He knew that Joe Douglas was talented and knew that he had to set his front office up to prepare to lose him down the road.  The Jets shocking dysfunction just so happened to make it sooner than planned, I’m sure.

This is a big move for the Jets because of that reason.  Yes, you have been the laughing stock of the NFL for the past month or so while all of your dirty laundry has been thrown out for the world to see, but you’re better because of it now.  The key here with Douglas is, you have to let him bring in his guys.  Some people, mostly Jets fans, are calling this a bad hire because Gase and Douglas know each other and they feel that the hire was only made because of the previous relationship, but make no mistake, this was a well-vetted process and the Jets got the right guy for one reason only, and that is he is the right guy for the job.  He proved his worth against the other interviews, which was reported to be three other candidates, none of which had as good of a front office as the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Now, if you want Douglas to succeed, let him bring in his men and you will be on the come up.  He is already one of the most gifted scouts in the NFL and just like any of the talented players in the league, he will need a supporting cast to be able to succeed.  But, as we have seen with the Jets many times in the past, it is still to be determined if they will allow him to put those pieces around him and set him up for success or not.  Thank you for your time in Philly, Joe and thank you for the Super Bowl.    


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