Spoiler Alert: Devin Hester will not make the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Despite the feelings of Hester himself, who is telling everyone in the world who asked that he is a sure fire Hall of Famer, I am here to break the bad news to Mr. Hester and all the fans of his work in a Chicago Bears uniform.

Devin Hester retired after the 2016 season with 14 punt returns and five kickoffs for touchdowns, not including beginning Super Bowl XLI with a kickoff return for a touchdown (a game the Chicago Bears lost 29-17 in the rain to the Indianapolis Colts).  Was he a player other teams planned for?  Yes, during his peak, there would be times when kicking the ball to him was a mistake; however, clearly those times were not as often as people, including Hester might think.  Playing from 2006 to 2016, Hester only make first team All-Pro three times, all in a five-year span, so while he was good at what he did, I don’t think he was good at it for long enough. 

The player I would most compare Hester to is Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos; another player that I don’t think is a Hall of Famer, however Davis is already in.  Davis had four amazing seasons with the Broncos, helping John Elway win two Super Bowl Championships before a series of injuries limited him to only 17 games over his last three seasons.  Davis did run for over 2,000 yards in during the 1998 season, something that is better than anything Hester did in his career; however, Davis should not be in and Hester should not be elected to the Hall of Fame.

With football opening up to the “hidden yards” stats (those yards that come on kickoffs and punt returns as well as penalties) as well as their willingness to put kickers and punters into the Hall of Fame, there will be some who lobby and vote for Hester; however, I just don’t see the body of work worthy of such a high honor.  Devin Hester was an exciting player to watch for a few years; however, I don’t see a Gold Jacket in is future Bears fans, sorry.


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