If Steve Kerr manages to win his fourth championship in five seasons this year, the debate will begin, “How good is Steve Kerr as a head coach?”  With this year probably being the best coaching job he has done in his five years with the Golden State Warriors, the question should be, “Where does Steve Kerr rank among the All-Time great coaches?”

Steve Kerr has seen greatness up close; as a part of the second three-peat champions of the Chicago Bulls (1996-1998) and winning two titles with the San Antonio Spurs (1999, 2003).  Five years ago, Kerr’s old Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson asked him to become head coach of the New York Knicks; a job a smartly turned down to lead Golden State, who had just fired Mark Jackson.  Now the 53-year-old is seeking his ninth championship overall and fourth as head coach of the Warriors.  Kerr’s success to date proves one thing, he is better coach than Mark Jackson; and if you need further proof, just ask yourself this, “How come Mark Jackson never worked again as a head coach after leaving Golden State?”

The success of the Golden State Warriors were fueled by analytics and the simple concept that three is greater than two; as in your get 50% more points for making a three-point basket than you do a two-point basket.  The backbone of their offense, however, is not shooting, but passing.  In Mark Jackson’s last season as coach, the Golden State Warriors were last in passes per game; something Steve Kerr new needed to improve upon, and did.  In doing so, he created one of the best offenses in NBA history and had all the right players to put it into motion on the court.

This year, with Kevin Durant getting injured late in the Western Conference Semifinals, the Golden State Warriors finished off the Houston Rockets, swept the Portland Trailblazers and split the first two games of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors.  With Durant out for Game Three and the public expecting to see his team break apart win or lose at the end of the season, this is by far Steve Kerr’s best coaching job ever.  When added to designing the offense he created and becoming the first team to reach five straight finals since the Celtics dynasty, if Steve Kerr pulls this championship out of his hat, he will rightfully take his place among the elite head coaches in NBA history.


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