Kevin Durant to the rescue?  Much to my surprise, it appears that Kevin Durant is indeed practicing, and attempting to join the Warriors in the finals, in an attempt to overcome a 3-1 deficit.  It was a limited practice and nobody is aware of how it went except for those in the gym at the time, so his status is still uncertain and the details of any updates are very scarce like it has been since the injury occurred. 

Is it too late?  Have the Raptors already done enough seal a championship?  I think we all mistakingly underestimated how much the loss of Kevin Durant would impact the Warriors in this series.  They handled the Rockets easily without him, and they’ve looked unbeatable for the majority of five seasons, so we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much for being wrong.  But, if we look back at the impact that Durant has had for the Warriors the past two seasons (finals MVP both seasons) than we would have realized that it was, in fact, a big deal for Kevin Durant to go down.

Now we look at the 3-1 deficit and for some reason, it still feels shocking that they are down, while missing the best scorer in the NBA.  Sure, they have suffered other injuries along the way that have probably led to this deficit (no offense Raptors fans) like Klay, Looney, and Cousins, but Kevin Durant definitely stings more than all of them.  Sorry to say it Toronto, but a healthy Golden State team probably puts this series away in 5. 

So, what now?  Can Golden State really come back assuming that Kevin Durant is good to go after this mysterious practice?  Klay and Steph need some help, bad.  Durant hasn’t played in over a month, but I don’t think rust really plays much of a factor for Durant.  Toronto would just need to win one out of the last three games to seal it, but we have also seen them choke in big moments.  Take game 2 as a perfect example.  This was the perfect storm game for Toronto to take the 2-0 lead in the series and they blew it. Great teams find a way to win in the big time situations and Toronto has yet to prove that they are that great team.

I have a feeling Kevin Durant comes back and the reverse sweep begins.  Golden State in 7, and Kawhi will have his bags packed and be out of there before the next morning. He will be on his way to join the LA Clippers. 


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