After Carson Wentz’s mega contract extension yesterday, which saw him become the recipient of the most guaranteed money in NFL history, we have two other players who are looking for their payday sooner rather than later. 

Jared Goff and Dak Prescott are both looking to get paid, and we’re going to compare the two to Wentz and see if they are deserving of the money that Wentz just received.  Before we start, I think it’s safe to say that Wentz got his money off potential alone.  We have seen him during his MVP finalist year lead the team to the playoffs, yet not participate because of an ACL injury, and all you can do is speculate whether or not he would have performed well in the playoffs.  In fact, we have not seen Carson Wentz play a single snap in the playoffs in his career, yet he managed to break the bank.

Let’s look at Prescott first.  Short and simple answer, he deserves it. Sorry Eagles fans.  Prescott has missed zero games in his career and has won the NFC East twice.  He has a 32-16 record and led his team to the playoffs twice.  Yes, he only has one playoff win in two trips, but that’s more than can be said about Carson Wentz.  I think the Eagles took this into consideration when giving the deal to Wentz.  Let’s be honest, they know what the Cowboys are doing and they keep tabs.  They are the only other relevant team in the NFC East, and will be contending with the Eagles for playoff spots for the next decade.  They knew if they gave the extension to Wentz now, that would make the market increase again, therefore leaving the Cowboys in a tough situation for Dak.  I expect Dak to sign a deal that will be less on the total end, but more on the guaranteed end. 

Now, let’s look at the guy who laid the biggest egg of the year on the biggest stage of the year, Jared Goff.  I think there’s more of an argument against Goff than there is against Dak. Dak doesn’t have Sean McVay, and while the Cowboys have added Amari Cooper and have Zeke in the backfield, he still doesn’t have the amount of weapons that Jared Goff has.  Therefore, the argument would be that Dak has done better with fewer weapons.  However, Goff has led his team to the Super Bowl, which is something Dak has yet to do. 

In the end, I think Goff is the third best quarterback among Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz, but I think he will still get the payday and may end up making more than Dak and Wentz, depending on who gets the deal done first, the Rams or Cowboys.


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