Tonight will be one of the biggest draft lotteries in years and fans are nervous, like really nervous.  Get on any social media platform right now and look at how Knicks fans, Suns fans, and Cavs fans are reacting right now as we get closer to the lottery.  They all share the highest odds for landing the “Zion pick” at 14 percent. Well not so fast New York fans. 

A report has come out earlier today and apparently the “Knicks will try to trade No. 1 pick for Anthony Davis if they win the lottery.”  This seems like a ludicrous situation to Knicks fans, but let’s slow down a minute and look at what the Knicks are doing here.  You’re looking to take a guy, who is one of the best big men in the NBA RIGHT NOW.  No “potential” talks need to be discussed when you talk about Anthony Davis because he is already there.  Zion, however is a big potential guy.  He doesn’t really have a position in the NBA with the way today’s game is played and whoever gets the Duke superstar will have to adjust their offense accordingly. 

It could be awkward if the right pieces aren’t there and if you’re a lottery pick, chances are the pieces aren’t there.  New York is already heavily linked to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, so the roster is already going to look night and day different when next season rolls around, so creating a package for Anthony Davis isn’t really that crazy to think about, even with the Pelicans’ outrageous asking price.  So, what would this package look like if the Knicks do in fact win the lottery and acquire Anthony Davis via trade?  Tonight’s pick (obviously), 2 future first round picks with some protection. 

Maybe Kevin Knox who showed good potential, while at times was inconsistent and maybe one other piece to help void the whole that Anthony Davis will leave in their starting lineup if he’s traded.  Even if they don’t win the lottery, let’s say they end up with the 2nd or 3rd pick, which is very likely with sharing the same percentage as Pheonix and Cleveland.  You can still start your offer for Davis with Ja Morant or RJ Barrett.  While this isn’t Zion, it’s still a pretty big starting piece for a trade package. 

The real question outside of Anthony Davis is, will they be able to afford those two max contracts after signing Davis?  Either way, take a deep breath Knicks fans, sit back and relax to watch the madness of the lottery unfold.  If you get the pick and trade it away, don’t panic just yet.  Let them do what they are going to do this offseason to make the Knicks a contender and if you are at the start of next season and you don’t have at least two out of the three of Durant, Kryie, and Zion/Davis then you can start panicking and burning jerseys or whatever you New Yorkers do when you’re upset at your team.   


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