Imagine Lebron playing with Paul George and Russel Westbrook? Wow! Or imagine LeBron playing in New Orleans with Anthony Davis? Another wow!

If he listened to someone who was not living in fantasy land he would have done so and he would be preparing to beat whomever reaches the Western Conference Finals this year.

Though it’s too bad the NBA allows the Warriors to cheat and even cheats for them. The Rockets were undercut in Game 1 but that is another story.

Now the Lakers are even in a worse mess which is hilarious to most of the country since the Lakers are a team to be despised. The Lakers did not deserve championships in 2000 and 2002 but that is another topic.

Now Magic has quit and their unproven coach Luke Walton quit (who is mired in a sexual assault nightmare in Sacramento now which is hilarious since how is he even a coach anyway and Sacramento is a sad city which is another topic).

LeBron – you made the wrong call!


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