Odell Beckham is a once in a generation type of talent His speed Route running and NFL IQ  are impressive. Maybe teams can do without all of the extra emotion he brings, but greatness does come with interesting personality traits at times.

The Giants refusing to deal with his personality might have just set Cleveland up with arguably the best receiving core in the league. Paired up with his childhood friend Jarvis Landry, and 3rd year TE Njoku the Browns really have all of the firepower to make a serious run in the AFC. But as the old Addage goes Defense wins championships. As great as the Browns Offense are on paper the real question remains do they have a championship caliber defense.

For as great of a talent OBJ is, he cannot stop the opposing team’s offense and that would be key to the Browns success. Shootouts are fun and the Browns Offense should be extremely fun to watch, but if the defense cannot match the offense it might turn out to be a disappointing year. Especially with how high the expectations are with the signing of OBJ.

Only time will tell.


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