Now on the surface the accolades of Kyrie Irving are unquestioned. Former Rookie Of The Year, 2 time champion, 6 time All star, it is hard not to marvel at the potential of your favorite team picking up an accomplished NBA star in his prime.

Health, and leadership are 2 things that you can point to that might leave certain teams wary however. Kyrie has failed to play a full 82 games at any point of his career. In fact, he has missed at least 15 games in 5 of his past 8 seasons. Factor in a second round playoff exit and terrible stretch of play against the Milwaukee Bucks, it is hard to make a case for Kyrie being a solidified leader that can do it by himself.

Kemba Walker on the other hand, has put together a very consistent resume throughout his career. His durability and efficiency are major staples of his game and he has been leading the Hornets with absolutely no supporting cast. Walker has played in at least 75 games 6 of the last 8 years.He is coming off one of his best statistical seasons and finally looks like he is coming into his own. Underrated based on the market he is playing for, any team that can pair him up with another star can maximize the abilities that Kemba possesses.

In my opinion, Go Kemba.


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