Whatever happened to the sport of professional basketball? As a competitive player myself, growing up in the streets, playing in organized scenarios, and in small college, I always thought it was about having fun, playing to the best of my capabilities, and most of all winning. Today it seems like it’s all about money and players egos.

Did it really come to this?

In my days of playing, watching, analyzing, and trying to accumulate more knowledge for myself, players back in the days didn’t get together and say hey my contract is getting close to being up, let’s try and put a team together and win some championships together. When I played I wanted to play against the best, guard them, pull that competitive edge out of me, reach down for that extra effort that I needed. It was the teams management that had to work and put a team together, draft players, and utilize free agency in certain aspects of their teams needs.

Not the players themselves.

Instead players are now going out and conversing with other players about where they are going to play at when their contracts are up. Leave that shit to management, isn’t that what they are paid to do? It isn’t fair to some other teams on account most players want to be in the limelight.

Who wants to play in Cleveland nowadays, or even New Orleans, today it has all changed. I can see in the future of this so called game of basketball that if it doesn’t change for the better, we may see the public take a stand not only towards basketball, but other sports as well.


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