The New York Giants are a complete dumpster fire. Most fans will put the blame on General Manager, David Gettleman. Others will place the blame on the Offensive-Line, constantly complaining that “Eli has no time to throw!” Some even still point to used car salesman Ben McAdoodoo, for creating such a bad culture 2 years ago when he did the right thing and benched Manning because he was fucking terrible (although why McAdoody played Geno over Davis Webb was nonsensical.) But these excuses are just masking the fact as to why the Giants have been insufferable for 10 years. The Giants are putrid because of one reason, and one reason only… Eli Manning.

The “G-Men” and their devoted Eli-loving fans are so unwilling to recognize that the reason this team has gone 3-13, and then 5-11 in two consecutive seasons, despite having the BEST wide receiver in the league on the team, coupled with a very skilled Evan Engram, and Barry Sanders 2.0, Saquon Barkley, is because Eli Manning isn’t even worthy of being a backup quarterback anymore. Besides the Giants, there is NO team in the NFL that would take Eli on their roster, even as a 3rd stringer. Yet the Mara family and the fans feel so indebted to Eli because he won 2 of the flukiest and luckiest Super Bowls we’ve ever witnessed.

Eli has made over $235 million dollars from the Giants organization… let that sink in for a second. Most of us feel elated when the lady at Duane Reade forgets to charge us for our Snapple. Eli is not owed anything. In fact, Eli should take some of his money and give it to the fans as an apology for holding up this incredibly overdue implosion. It’s the least he can do for wasting Beckham’s prime and ruining most New Yorkers Sundays.


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