Last night we had two blowouts in the NBA playoffs.  One worse than the other, but two blowouts regardless.  The 76ers got absolutely decimated by 36 and the Blazers got dominated from tip off against Denver. 

The duo of Jokic and Millsap looked absolutely unstoppable, and if that keeps up this one may be over.  Meanwhile, Joel Embiid and company got blown out of the stadium, and the most memorable moment of the game was Joel Embiid looking at the stat sheet for whatever reason.  Your stats don’t matter when you’re losing by THIRTY in the playoffs big man. 

So, which one of these two blowouts solidified the end of their series?  Both series are lead 3-2 by the team that delivered the ass whooping.  Both home teams for the next game are the team that received said ass whooping.  We actually have a lot in common between these two series.  At times, both sides have looked dominant in each of the two series, and both series have given us multiple different stories throughout.  With this in mind, let’s revisit the question.  Which blowout has proved to be the end of the series and which team still looks to have a chance? 

Short and simple answer, the 76ers are done. 

This team has no chemistry, a big man that could be the best in the league, but every time I turn around someone is making an excuse that he’s either sick or hurt or didn’t get enough sleep, whatever the new narrative is each playoff loss.  Ben Simmons looks to be joining the club of point guards who underperform when their team needs them the most.  He joins Russell Westbrick and Kyle Lowry as the third member of this club (No, we are not putting Steph Curry in this club, I don’t care how bad he plays this series.) 

Enough about the underperforming 76ers though, let’s talk about the other reason they are done in game 6, Kawhi Leonard.  Kawhi has been the best performer of the entire playoffs (better than KD) and isn’t slowing down.  They do not have the resources or the gameplan to slow him down.  Toronto needs to do everything they can to convince him to stick around and according to Woj, there just might be a chance that happens.

Portland, as bad as they looked, still have a legitimate chance in this series and I just have a hard time calling Denver to win this series in 7, much less putting it away this next game.  Dame has been off, but as we seen in round 1, when he wakes up he can’t be guarded.  CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard can be just as dominant as Murray/Jokic duo, or even the Jokic/Millsap that we seen last night.  If Dame doesn’t wake up, however, this one will be over soon as well.  But, if I have to pick one that I think is already done, which was the point of this post, I feel a lot less confident in the 76ers. 


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