Jake Arrieta is a really good ballplayer.  He won the 2015 Cy Young award and the 2016 World Series on that historic curse breaking Chicago Cubs team.  Jake Arrieta likes to win.  He’ll also call you the fuck out if your play is not on his level of professionalism.

This has been a key aspect to watch since Arrieta signed and joined the Philadelphia Phillies on a three year deal last year.  He even stated in his signing press conference that he believed the Phillies were a playoff team and he wanted to win a fucking championship there.  So it comes as no surprise that he would take last year and this year’s frustrations out on the team fairly early on. 

Monday the Phillies lost 5 – 1 to the New York Mets with Arrieta turning in one hell of a performance but getting zero run support.  Bryce Harper was also ejected for arguing with the home plate umpire over balls and strikes, which Arrieta also aired the superstar right fielder out for.  The Mets happen to be one of the teams in the way of the Phillies dominating the National League East division, the other being the Atlanta Braves. 

This loss pissed Jake ‘the Snake’ Arrieta off to the point where after the game, Arrieta said the bench was ‘flat’.  Which is saying something about a Phillies bench that was been anything but flat so far in 2019. 

Calling out his teammates isn’t new.  Last year Arrieta gave a wheelbarrow full of shit to rookie Scott Kingery on his fielding skills on more than one occasion.  This time his gripe seemed to be with the entire team.  This could eventually lead to some dysfunction in Philadelphia as we move through the season.


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