For anyone living under a rock, the NFL Draft starts Thursday, April 25th and takes place in Nashville, Tennessee this year. 

Definitely the most widely paid attention to player draft in professional sports, the NFL Draft brings all thirty-two teams together over a weekend at the end of April in order to wheel and deal with one another over the best college football players across all divisions and schools.  Most on-lookers are only into it for their teams first pick, but there are many die hard football fans that watch and keep tabs until the last round.

What to know:  This is the 84th NFL Draft.  The draft was first televised by ESPN in 1980.  The first round of the draft takes place on April 25th and then the draft is paused until the following day, basically entirely for TV ratings.

This year the Arizona Cardinals have the first pick overall in the draft and this is decided by each team’s record from the previous 2018 season.  Which means the Cardinals had the worst record/season overall out of all other teams.  The teams with the most draft picks throughout the entirety of the draft are the Cardinals and also the New York Giants.  This can occur not just by being the worst team in the league, but also through trades conducted during and after the season as well as literally right before the draft takes place and even DURING the draft.

Speculation about who will pick who and in what round that person will be selected has been going on for weeks and will continue until that classic NFL Draft timer starts ticking to mark the Cardinals first selection so it is anyone’s guess who will go number one overall.


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