We have new reports regarding the Arizona Cardinals!  Is anyone surprised?  We will probably get a new report each day of the week leading up to Thursday’s draft.  This time, the Arizona Cardinals are reportedly not taking Kyler Murray with the first pick in the draft. 

Raise your hand if you believe this report.  I’ll be leaving my hands on the keyboard for that one.  One of two things is going on here, either the Cardinals originally put out the report that they are going for Kyler Murray to peak the interests of teams who want him and will now call to try and trade up and be willing to give everything including their wife and children for the pick.  Or, the Cardinals are now putting out a report that they aren’t interested to smokescreen the teams under them. 

I don’t think they benefit from this move as much as they would the first one, but I also think they are taking Kyler Murray so who knows? 

Kliff Kingsbury started recruiting this kid over 7 years ago and now it all comes full circle when he takes his guy with this first ever pick and they ride off happily into the sunset.  Well, not so fast, you still have the worst roster in football but that’s besides the point. 

One thing is for certain, if I was Josh Rosen I’d be getting on the phone with my agent and trying to get as many reports as possible out there that the Cardinals are trading me so we can prepare for the move.  Best part of this week? 

We all have absolutely no clue what’s going to happen and we’re all going to enjoy filling out our mock drafts like we do know what’s going on.  Happy draft week everyone!



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